Court Reporting Agencies

Business Owner Court Reporting Agency

Independent Court Reporting Firms usually have a seasoned founder at the helm. Their ongoing growth and reach are supported by a loyal following of freelance court reporters and videographers. There are of course variations between firms with some employing full-time videographers and court reporters as well.

Law firms and Court Reporting Agencies have very personal and strong relationships. It is important for anyone who provides services on their behalf present themselves in the best possible light. We fully understand this. Professionalism is the focus.

When we provide services to Independent Court Reporting Firms, we know:
1. They need a rapid response to their query of our availability
2. They want our service to be a seamless integration with their current business.
3. They need a reasonable fee structure which allows them flexibility their own client billing and the ability to make a reasonable profit.
4. They want the projects submitted to them quickly and accurately.
5. Most importantly, they want confidentiality.

When ARG Legal Video Houston, works for Independent Court Reporting Firms, we do our job well, and get through the assignment with no problems or concerns for them to have to deal with.

We fully understand the clients who we interact with on the Independent Court Reporting Agency’s behalf, belong to them. We very much respect the long-standing relationships that exist between the firms.