Legal Video Companies

Affiliate Relationships

As Law, Court Reporting, and Legal Services Firms rely on a network of Independent Videographers to meet their workload requirements, so do we.

There are times when the demand for our services exceeds our in-house capacity, and we turn to our competitors for help. It goes both ways as we fill in as requested for the very same firms when they are at capacity. We warmly refer to this arrangement as Affiliate Relationships.

The end goal is the cover the assignment as seamlessly as possible.

The companies and Freelance Videographers we’ve chosen to affiliate with meet our standards of quality requirements while at the same time, we meet theirs.

Affiliate Relationships operate under some “handshake” understandings:

  • We don’t solicit each other’s clients.
  • We extend a modified, reduced fee schedule, so there is a margin for both companies to meet their business needs.
  • ARG Legal Video also rapidly processes payments to Affiliate Legal Video Firms.
It all works out well as there are very capable firms in the Houston, Texas area to draw from.