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Services For Attorneys from Discovery Through Trial!

Video Depositions

On-line, in-Person, hybrid on-line/In-person

Testimony Recording

Capture witness testimony with or without a Certified Court Reporter. Join the ranks of a growing number of Law Firms that are using this procedure to lower their litigation costs! 

Site Surveys/Product Demonstrations

Video recording of industrial, construction and traffic  accident locations, faulty product demonstrations.


Reenactments of industrial accidents and other incidents related to impending litigation.  

Independent Medical Exams

On the record Independent Medical Exams are usually conducted at a Doctor’s office.

Day In The Life Videos

Video documentation of daily activities of impacted litigants. Additional recording of  family members, employers, etc. 

Video Editing

Segments of witness testimony for trial presentation, freeze-frame photos, and video editing from surveillance, body-cam, and dashboard cameras. 

Trial Graphics/Electronic Presentation

Design and production of trial graphics, PowerPoint, and other industry-standard litigation presentation platforms.

Digital Asset Management

Secure and long-term server and cloud-based storage of video files, exhibits, and other litigation-related media.