On-Site Legal Video Depositions

Having everything ready to go when the Attorneys and Litigants arrive is the essential focus of an on-site legal video deposition.

ARG Legal Video always arrives with plenty of time to spare.

Activities include time to load in, set up, and complete essential testing of all equipment.

On-site legal video depositions take many forms are we are equipped for all scenarios:

  • We offer standard Legal Video Deposition single camera or PNP (Picture in Picture/Elmo) recording.
  • Computers for Attorney media playback or Zoom or virtual deposition.s
  • Wi-Fi hotspots for internet connectivity.
  • We provide audio support gear for CSR recording and monitoring.
  • Have a complete audio support kit on hand – just in case with additional microphones, connectors, etc.
  • Extended length audio cables for large conference rooms
  • Backup camera.
  • Clients have the choice of High definition 16:9 or standard definition 4:3 video formats.
  • Ability to stream the proceedings as they happen over the internet.

Virtual (Zoom Depositions) All Platforms

Virtual depositions are now very much part of the mainstream legal deposition environment. First and foremost, they are NOT plug and play. There are many variables and things that need attention so depositions can start on time and proceed properly.

ARG Legal Video eliminates all the frustration, wasted time and unwanted surprises.

We work with all parties to your deposition in ADVANCE to ensure that everyone is technically in alignment.

We can conduct your testimony with or without a Certified Court Reporter. There are no geographical boundaries. Attorneys and Deponents can be anywhere in the world. We are here to help.

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witnesses charge for their time. It’s ever so important when recording testimony of an Expert Witness that we get it right with no technical glitches. We refer to this as “Mission Critical Testimony.” No worries, we’ve got this. 

Day In The Life - Settlement Videos

A “Day in The Life Video”  is a powerful and persuasive tool. Attorneys rely on Day In The Life Videos when they want to convey how a client’s life has been impacted by a catastrophic event, the subject of the litigation.

The completed video may be used at settlement or play for a jury during trial.

The creation of a “Day in The Life” video is very structured. Viewers may experience several segments;

  • the Plaintiff’s physical activities and movements.
  • Remarks from The Plaintiff and others who have been impacted by the subject of the litigation.
  • Other parties to the litigation proceedings.

A Day in the life video takes planning and isn’t for every case but, when employed, can be extremely persuasive in support of the Plaintiff’s Attorney argument.

Compulsory Medical Examinations

Compulsory Medical Examinations require exceptional video production skills and  support equipment to capture the activities of the Physician and Patient.

Legal Videographers most often have to hurry from tripod-mounted recording to full handheld video and wireless audio capture.

The Seasoned Videographers at ARG Legal Video know what to shoot, always anticipate the “action,” and the correct angles necessary to document the exam.   

Site Inspections (EFP) Electronic Field Production

Another aspect of providing Legal Video Services in Houston, Texas is EFP. EFP is a fancy acronym used in the commercial television industry. It stands for “electronic Field Production.”

EFP as a type of service is what ARG Legal Video provides when tasked with recording site inspections or the capturing of reenactments. These assignments have ranged from operating room mishaps, to malfunctioning natural gas appliances and the aftermath of catastrophic industrial plant accidents.

Knowing what to shoot and how to shoot it is where ARG Legal Video excels. Our company roots include decades of commercial broadcast news and television production. We have seen it all and know how to get the job done.

Another aspect of EFP is having the proper equipment configured in a way to get the needed results. For example, having the proper battery power for hours and hours of recording. Having wireless microphones and mobile lighting gear and assortment of lenses are also part of the package.

Most often these items are never used for legal video depositions, but they are all part of our equipment inventory. If necessary, we can procure drones and hydraulic lifts as well.

This is all part of providing Legal Video Services in Houston, Texas.


ARG Legal Video Camera
ARG Legal Videographer
ARG Legal Video in the Field
ARG Legal Video on Location


 “A picture is worth a thousand words,” says it all. When Attorney’s head for the courtroom and they want an extra edge to make their case, they may show the jury a reenactment of the incident, which is the origin of the lawsuit.

Capturing a reenactment of an industrial accident, product malfunction, or operating room mishap requires a level of video production sophistication, which is very much a part of ARG Legal Video’s service offerings.

Components of reenacting legal video production may include the casting and hiring of actors, special equipment such as an aerial drone camera, hydraulic lift, and lighting.

The key to successful reenactment production is proper pre-planning and post-shoot editing.

ARG Legal Video has a full roster of completed reenactment production projects under our belt. We’re ready for your assignment.

Accident Reenactment

Synchronized Video/Transcripts

Attorneys headed to trial seem to agree that synchronized video transcripts are a powerful presentation tool

Synchronized transcripts enable rapid locating and editing of video testimony into small segments by merely searching by keywords. It’s truly the marriage of video and transcription text.

Several technical considerations require attention for a synchronized video transcript.

ARG Legal Video takes care of it all.   


Video Editing

Attorneys preparing for mediation or trial count on our video editing services for many reasons:

  • To create individual video files from previously recorded deponent responses.
  • Creation of video “exhibits.” (Source material often includes animated graphics, photographs, or videos from various sources such as surveillance cameras, Police dashcam, or bodycam footage.)
  • File conversions: (there are many video file types, and they don’t always play nicely with each other).