Has this ever happened to you? Perhaps it has. When we get client requests that begin with “how fast can you get to (insert address here) we know it’s time to scramble.

As we work our magic to assign a Videographer there are things that you can do to help the process along.

You see, the travel time from wherever our Videographer is to the needed location is just one of the considerations which determines how long it will be until you can begin the deposition proceedings.

On your end:

  1. Alert building security or the loading dock that a Videographer will be arriving and has no time to kill. Depending on the type of commercial property, it’s very common to use up precious time when waiting for a freight elevator.
  2. Alert the Receptionist at your own office. Here is another point where time can be lost especially if you are at a firm with multiple attorneys and conference rooms.
  3. An empty conference room takes less time to set up. If you are waiting on a Videographer, ask your deposition attendees to congregate in a lobby or break area. Moving cables and equipment around in a room full of people eats up lots of time.
  4. Plan on at least 25-30 minutes for equipment set up and testing. It will most probably take less time but it is important that everything be tested. The last thing that anyone wants to happen is to have a technical issue during the deposition.

Hope you find this helpful. It’s all part of providing legal video depositions in Houston, Texas. This is what we do. Enjoy the day.

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