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The perks of recording legal video depositions in hotel and conference centers include ease of equipment load-in, lots of room to set up and maneuver around the room, and sometimes control of HVAC and plenty of nifty refreshments. That’s good news.

Challenges arise when we arrive when welcoming employees have no idea where to send us.

Here is why this happens:

Information relating to the hotel booking often remains missing on assignment paperwork.

Knowing who originally booked the room and under what firm’s name are usually the missing links.

Another quite valuable data point is knowing who at the facility dealt with the reservation.

We have lost many hours on past assignments trying to figure where to go. Not only very frustrating for us but can be irritating to the Attorneys if we are not ready to go when they arrive.

When booking a conference center or hotel meeting room, another important question is: who will be in the adjacent area?      

When recording a legal video deposition in a hotel or conference center, noise from neighboring areas can be an issue.

Oh yes, we’ve had it happen when we found ourselves right next to a large gathering of highly enthusiastic Software Professionals who were kicking off their new line of products. Complete with live music and large groups in the hallway for coffee breaks, and lunch added to our anxiety.  

We know we don’t live or work in a perfect world, but we aim to provide the most professional journey and experience to our clients. With attention to detail, everyone wins.

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