Our Legal Video Journey – Observations Along The Way

Our First GPS......

We've been hitting the road for many years, but this wasn't that long ago. Our first GPS with a retail cost of about 1,300.00 Amazing that all this power and more sits inside of a smartphone.

Medical offices always present logistical challenges. Here we had to setup in a working waiting room. Lot of furniture moving for sure. All in a day's work.
Houston Skyline
We enjoy the views from the Downtown Houston skyscrapers. Always a pleasant treat.
Road SIgn
Houston City and the surrounding suburbs comprise our main service area, but then again, this is Texas and we're often on the road to meet our client's needs.
Even though we rely heavily on a GPS to find deposition locations, it's a real treat when buildings are clearly marked. It saves so much time. It's the little things that count.
There are days that start out this way. Part of providing legal video in Houston, Texas.
Diesel Frid Chicken
Looking out the window while traveling through Texas you get to see a lot of things. This was seen as we headed to West Texas for a week of assignments. To be fair, the chicken wasn't cooked in fuel, Diesel is the name of the town....
It's always a good idea to have a backup. We carry complete backup gear on our legal video assignments.
Freight elevators can be problematic. Some buildings request that we use the freight elevators when loading our gear. This can take upwards of 30 minutes of time. Ouch indeed.