ARG Legal Way
Standards of performance for ARG Legal Video Houston

The ARG Legal Way are a set of principles, guidelines and procedures that guide our business operations, client interactions and we represent you when providing legal video services in Houston, Texas. Ultimately what this means to our clients is that they are always going to get a consistent encounter with our firm and most of all, no problems along the way.

  1. It all starts with you. When you contact our firm with the details of an assignment, we will take the time to review all your documents and check for discrepancies. For example, we do not wait for the day of the proceeding to discover that a notice had an incorrect address listed.
  2. Confirmation is also important – We will always confirm our understanding of an assignment adding another layer of accuracy to the project.
  3. Special issues are explored when we receive your assignment. Special issues that usually require further query may include:
    a. Assignments at conference centers and hotels
    b. Proceedings at medical offices
    c. Depositions in rented facilities such as Regus and other executive suite companies.
    d. Requests for picture in picture (PNP) or what is commonly referred to as “Elmo” legal video depositions.
    e. Requests for additional equipment such as laptop computers for video playback, interfacing with Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms.
  4. On the day of the assignment letting you know via text message or email that we have arrived at the legal video deposition location.
  5. If we run into difficulties, we will use our best judgement to figure out what to do and only advise you if we need your intervention. (issues may include arriving at a secure building having to clear security with them having no prior knowledge of our visit, Being asked to use a freight elevator that’s tied up due to a large delivery, arriving at an office before it is open for the day, upon arrival the location representative not knowing where to send us for setup.)
  6. An additional notification when we are all set up and tested.
  7. We always coordinate with the Certified Court Reporter as well. If they need audio feed, no problem. We also offer to send audio files to them after we process the video.
  8. While we are at the deposition location, we will always conduct ourselves as guests in someone’s office.
  9. If you have specific read-on requirements we will follow your instructions as noted.
  10. During the proceeding we will take copious notes such as run times, accumulated time etc. If asked by anyone at the legal video deposition, we will provide accurate information to them.
  11. At the conclusion of proceeding we will obtain signed video copy orders per your requirements.
  12. When we pack up our gear, we will ensure that the location is returned in the condition we found it. Yes, we even clear off empty bottles and cans off the tables.
  13. When we process your assignment for submission, our paperwork will be pristine, accurate and very legible. All timings and other requested data will be as needed.
  14. We will submit to you video that is ready for you to submit to your client.
  15. We do not send raw camera files. You video files will be about 90 minutes in length depending on the natural breaks taken during the actual recording of the legal video deposition.
  16. We will also submit your project to your firm either the same or next day. We do not sit on projects.
  17. Our invoicing will also be easy to read and will contain all information about the assignment for streamlined processing. (Your assignment number, date, time start to time finish, cause number, style, etc)
    So, this is the ARG Legal Video Way. Thanks for taking a peak.