Who We Are


Everyone who works with us is a seasoned communications professional. 

Yes, we know the technical aspects of what we do quite nicely, but perhaps more importantly, we know people, deadlines and good business practices. Yes, we’re pros.


We are an immediate resource for you. Our streamlined and process driven business model has us working on your behalf with minimal effort. 

We know, you’re busy enough, who doesn’t like simplicity? 

The ARG Legal Video "Way"

We believe that “how we do what we do” is as important as what we do. We refer to this as the ARG Legal Video Way. What do we mean?

  • Client assignment requests are answered promptly and accurately.
  • We do ask questions. We take nothing for granted. Others like to wing it. We don’t.
  • On the job we’re always, and let’s stress this again, ALWAYS early. There are too many things that can happen between our office and the start of your assignment. We have no issues arriving to an assignment before a law firm opens. It’s part of the job. Besides, we enjoy watching Houston wake up in the morning.
  • We know our place. We are guests at the locations where our assignments take place and we conduct ourselves as such.
  • Once we are set up and tested, we wait for the participants to arrive. We are always polite, but never familiar. We know we are there in a support role. We are not part of the legal team.
  • We play nicely with others. The very nature of the work we do sometimes involves highly charged personalities and awkward situations. We always weather the storm and never do we get involved in the drama.
  • During the assignment we’ll are clear and concise with clients regarding recording running times, announcements of when we are on and off the record and so forth.
  • Upon the conclusion of an assignment we will leave the area in the same condition as we found it. Yes, we push in chairs and remove trash from the conference tables, credenzas etc.
  • Turnaround time of completed assignments is rapid, usually the same or early the next day, and our paperwork is impeccable and accurate.

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